Yung Soon Lih的首席执行官Brian Cheng。


Yung Soon Lih is the leader in professional soybean food machinery.

公司简介- Brian Cheng, CEO of Yung Soon Lih.
Yung Soon Lih的首席执行官Brian Cheng。

We are the provider of turnkey solutions, using expertise and skill to manufacture machine and providing customers with good solutions. In the field of manufacturing machinery, we have experience of 32 years about manufacturing and R&D teams, from planning and designing P&ID to customized machinery. Each step has the most professional team to plan for you.
We must make sure that every parts of machine are correct. Being a complete machine services provider means having the experience and the technology to produce cost-saving and innovative manufacture solutions to meet customers’ needs.

YSL has experience of 30 years about manufacturing and R&D teams

Yung很快Lih Food Machinehave a strong team.


Yung很快Lih Food Machinehas committed in food processing industry about 30 years and provided a variety of solutions to customers. We visit your locations, learn your industry, and understand your goals, challenges, needs, limitations and requirements. We work hand in hand with you and understand what is necessary for you. In addition, we have experts who have researched in food manufacture industries for a long time.

YSL team provides service of customized machine.

We inspect and confirm all details of machine manufacturing process.

Yung Soon Lih to Maximize Effectiveness

Yung Soon Food Machine的目标不仅是开发和设计食品机,而且还专注于豆腐生产程序的研究,大豆牛奶可以找到生产效率和食物之间的平衡,尤其是在豆腐,豆浆中生产场。我们有信心说,Yung很快lih Food Machine是大豆食品的胃胃!Yung很快Lih Food Machine将是您独特的合作伙伴,当您打算扩大交钥匙生产线时,您的伙伴将成为您的成长。


容很快Lih食品机械获得的ybean machine patents in Taiwan.

We have been not only deeply involved in soybean processing technical development positively but also led the computer control and monitoring system into our equipment. We develop and design the tofu, soy milk, bean sprout, alfalfa turnkey production line and help you achieve your goals of automation management by supplying high quality and efficient solution. In addition, Yung Soon Lih Food Machine have a R&D team which can provide customized machine and a good solution for customers. Meanwhile, we positively applicate international certifications and patents. We confidently become the leader of soybeans food machine manufacturer.

YSL CE certificationYSL patent

We have CE certifications, UL certifications, patents...etc.


The population of vegetarian are growing continuously because of the importance and advantages of vegetable protein had been proved by medical circles, so the demand quantity of tofu, soy milk, bean sprout, alfalfa machine from European and American countries are getting more and more. The increasing demand of market impelled us to customize the turnkey production line and machines to help customer to produce soybean food to abut the consumer's demand. Our tofu and soy milk equipment & production line were well and widely adopted by American and European customers.

Our pride is that we had served and designed turnkey production lines for food and beverage manufactures whom are located in Europe, Asia, America, Oceania...and more than 50 countries' customers since 2010. Especially from some specific food manufactures they don't have Tofu, soy milk production experience, they not only entrusted YUNG SOON LIH FOOD MACHINE to design their turnkey production line but also hope us to supply them the core technical in soybean processing, know-how and teach them how to make the soybean products. Moreover, we are specific to the local flavor and taste to adjust the machine's parameters, to make sure the taste of tofu, soy milk are matching their local taste and access to market rapidly.

YSL team service customers in the world.

Yung很快Lih Food Machine已为世界上的食品和饮料制造商提供了交钥匙生产线。

We provide 24h after-serve.

Yung Soon Lih provides 24-hour online consultation, cooperates with engineers to solve customers’ problems by the remote operation, saves people's round-trip time and labor cost, and solves customer problems in a timely and rapid manner.

In addition, food manufacturers who just started their business or expanded their factories, our senior engineers will go to the company site to survey and help you to planning the layout. In the past 30 years, Yung Soon Lih had built up a good partnership with our global customers like Czech Republic, Poland, Canada and also transfer the technical know-how of produced soy milk and tofu to our customers. We were committed to becoming turnkey solution provider.



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Time Achievement

Acquired on-the-job training for vocational training plan.

基于现象的计划 - COVID-19的CITD创新研究与发展传统行业


2019 Acquired Certificate of UL & NSF for Individual Single Machines.
2019 Acquired Certificate of TTQS, Talent Quality-Managment System.
2018 Acquired subsidy of International Market Expansion Plan from International Trade Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs.
2016 Acquired Technology Research & Development Project from Ministry of Economic Affairs - supporting technology development for traditional industry.
2015 公司与世界著名公司以及招募全球经销商,代理商和分销商的公司。
2009 Develop Compact Tofu Processor and (A Small and Easy Tofu maker / Tofu machine) and Taiwan patient awarded.
2007 Acquired CE certification on Tofu equipment and most of equipment in tofu production line.
2005 Integrate various of food pocessing machines and upgrade reserch & development.
2003 ISO 9001 certificate awarded.
1995 Steady growing and start the business to international market, and promote Tofu and soy milk equipment and product line to American and European countries.
1994 搬到新工厂进行业务扩展,放大豆腐和豆浆设备以及交钥匙产品线制造。亚博在线娱乐登录
1993 宣布了第一批豆类研磨和豆浆烹饪机。
1989 我们致力于投资豆食品加工机行业。


The technological development leader in bean food processing machinery industry.

Yung很快Lih Food Machine已在豆腐,豆浆,豆芽,苜蓿新芽,素食肉food machinery industry for more than twenty years. We always do technical improve and develop by customers' feedback and advise. This company's policy not only lead us to invest more resources and investment in R&D development and awarded with over 40 patents, but also upgrade the quality of our food machine, get customers' satisfied and they are always come back to us when they have any further request. In the future, we will keep this culture and spirit to train more talents in mechanical design and manufacturing in Taiwan and also move this food machine industry to qualify the standard of American and European countries.


We are not only the food machine manufacturer, but also at of bean foods. For example, we did trial run when we design for the bean sprout machine, we found that the roots of bean sprout was too long, the length of bean sprout are different between machine upper and lower layer...etc., Normally, some other producer of bean sprout, they would adding some chemical to improve the quality of bean sprout, but we are improving the bean sprout quality by modified the machine, try to figure out the safe and best way to sprout it. Thus, we are not only provide you customized Tofu, soy milk, Bean sprout, Alfalfa sprout,素食肉machinery and turn-key production line, but also willing to share our bean food producing experience with you and help you can provide suitable product for your local market with efficiency.

Your best partner accompany with your growing.

我们的首席执行官说:““保持公司改善和增长的关键因素是遵循客户快速增长的步骤”,因此我们提供豆腐制造商总体解决方案的服务,包括自定义制造,转弯 - 关键生产线设计和评估,生产计划,质量保证,维护,24小时故障排除咨询服务。此外,我们还向全球分销商提供培训和知识支持;这种本地技术服务可以帮助我们的客户立即解决麻烦;保持生产线状况良好。

We are a guard of food safety.

在食品加工很复杂,一些佛od manufacturer would rather add some additive to make customer satisfied, but it is a burden for your body. For example, for making a good and hard Tofu, it must do de-foaming when cooking process. Traditional way is adding the chemical defoamer to solve this bubble problem. But we provide our unique de-foaming machine, there would don’t need to add any chemical defoamer in cooking process. This could provide great help for our customer to provide no additives and natural Tofu product to their market.




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  • 用简单的豆腐机开始业务- Compact Tofu Processor

    The Easy Tofu Maker is convenient in production process as it adopts a semi-automatic operating system, which can adjust parameters and set different modules according to product characteristics. It has an intelligent and simple operating process that can be used by one person, to save labor costs, diversify product items, and user-friendly PLC control interface thus to smoothen the operation process. It not only makes the production process faster, but also simplifies the process. The soybeans grinding and separating processes are completed at one time. The constant pressure water tank has automatic water supply which is more effectively and stably control the concentration of soy milk. After grinding and separating processes, the Easy Tofu Maker will cook the soybean milk. As the high concentration soy milk is more difficult to clean than the low-concentration soy milk, this machine is designed to shorten the production pipeline to reduce soy milk residue in the pipeline, thus it can reduce cleaning process and improve production efficiency. In addition, the Easy Tofu Maker can set two-stage cooking method, which uses large volume of steam to quickly cook and then cooks with small volume of steam to make the soy milk mellower, and it also combines the stirring process in its tofu production process. The pumping and adding of coagulant are controlled by software by setting timer, this machine also has quantitative filling and automatic stirring functions. Some relevant parameters such as mixing and stirring can be set according to the different characteristics of each product. The features of this machine such as automatic mixing of the coagulant and circulation the pipeline can avoid the precipitation problem. The tofu mold is automatically moved up and down after the automatic filling into molding device. It also speed up the filling of bean curd to save labor cost and mix the bean curd evenly. The two-stage pressure can be set from tofu pressing to forming process, the pressure can be switched automatically. The manufacturing process of Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd complies with CE international certification, including Regular Tofu (Firm Tofu), Silken Tofu (Soft Tofu), Dried Tofu, Soy Milk, Tofu Pudding, and etc. The Easy Tofu Maker has various functions such as grinding and separating machine, soymilk cooking machine, coagulating and curd breaking machine, and a tofu pressing machine. The most competitive advantages of this Easy Tofu Maker are small size, low budget, easy to operate and time-saving in cleaning process, thus it is very popular among the buyers.

  • 综合豆浆机- Integrated soy milk Machine was designed with soybean grinding, separating and cooking machine.

    Grinding/ Separating Machine and Cooking Machine produce soy milk in a smooth flow. First, taking Soybean throw into Grinding/ Separating Machine, and extracting to produce raw soy milk. Then pouring to Cooking Machine and heating raw soy milk. After boiling, soy milk is complete.But, with the transformation of the business model, there are very many chain stores of beverages asking efficiency and reducing labor costs. This trend makes us to design a new type of soy milk machine that correspond the market demand. Therefore, we developed Integrated soy milk Machine that combined the Grinding/ Separating Machine and Cooking Machine.On grinding and separating function, it according our professional and technical and experience near thirty years on soybean food machine. The most important characteristic is grinding fast and soybean okara watery lower. And using stainless steel pipe to connect Grinding/ Separating Machine and Cooking Machine. This way makes raw soy milk to transport to tank and heating of Cooking Machine directly. This machine adopts heating by tubular electric heating element. The cook tank has capacity of 30 liter. And we set a stirring in cook tank. The stirring function helps you to avoid scorch during cooking process. And promote environmental cleaner and production quality. And the finished soy milk is more fragrant and concentrated. It is a good choose of opening store and start a business absolutely.



  • TOFU CURD FILLING TO MOLD AND COAGULATING CONVEY MACHINE - Automatic Tofu curd filling to Tofu Mold and Coagulating Convey Machine, Curding Machine, Coagulating machine

    自动豆腐豆腐豆腐模和使填充lating Convey Machine, Curding Machine, Coagulating machineIn the face of the epidemic and the spread of bird flu, has changed people’s choice, people’s start sourcing of healthy food or plant-based protein food intake. The demand of soy protein intake is greater than the supply. Soy protein food products have replaced meat protein products. Plant-based protein foods are absolutely a trend now and in the future. Tofu with simple cooking can be a delicious, healthy and nutritious meal on your table.Tofu contains plant protein, how to make tofu more flavorful, and make it more delicious than meat, which is the main reason for seasoning and coagulation, through - filling and coagulation process, the tofu machine can making different types of tofu and flavors, our coagulation machine is able equip with optional automatic adding device for dry spices & herbs or liquid sauce to help customers produce seasoning tofu, it can be blended with dry spices & herbs, curry, nuts, or automatic adding liquid device to mixing with garlic sauce or soy sauce…etc, to make Tofu become delicious vegan meat substitute.The Tofu machine is designed to set and monitor temperature, volume control, filling and coagulating agitation, curd break through the easy setting on HMI, which can improve production efficiency and Tofu quality.The machine is made of stainless steel, with hygiene, beautiful and durable design, easier and faster product diversification, high production capacity, automatic production operation, simple operation, convenient disassembly, and CIP setting for cleaning.How to produce good tofu? How to make good flavored tofu as a substitute of meat, we have prepared a set of SOP for you, with efficiency automatic production solution to produce good Tofu to the market. In European’s tofu market, flavored tofu has a great Demand, such the good Tofu can be produced from our automatic coagulation machine.Tofu can be made into a variety of products, such as tofu sandwiches, tofu burgers, tofu pizza, tofu steak, skewered tofu, tofu salad that contains tofu ingredients. After cooking or seasoning, the taste of tofu will be similar as vegan meat or even tasty than meat with more nutritional value.The healthy eating concepts are the market trends now, tofu has become the main sources of plant protein intake.We are willing to offer instalment plan for those who are like to invest Tofu Machine. The applicants just need to provide the irrevocable Letter of Credit under the world’s top 500 banks and with a partial down payment, you can have a high quality tofu machine to produce tofu for sales.We offer instalment plan to share your burden and also provide you our tofu recipe and technical transfer to give you the greatest back up in your entrepreneurial journey.



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