Tofu Production Line

Firm Tofu and Silken Tofu Production Line / Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd. is a leader of Soy Milk and Tofu Machines, we are also a guardian of food safety. We share our core technology and experience of Tofu production to our customers and strive to be an important partner which accompanies the business growth of our worldwide partners.

Affordable Startup Plan to Tofu Business.

Affordable Startup Plan to Tofu Business.

This is a helpful programmer which allows you to spread payments over a specific period. Just pay the required down payment on your chosen Easy Tofu Maker (Compact tofu machine) or Tofu Legend series, and for the balance payment, we offer 0% interest-free plan on 4 installments of 2 years financing with L/C irrevocable letter. You will enjoy the financial release, and pioneer your prosperous business at the same time.

Yung Soon Lih Is The Leader In Professional Soybean Food Machinery.

Yung Soon Lih Is The Leader In Professional Soybean Food Machinery.

We are the provider of turnkey solutions, using expertise and skill to manufacture machine and providing customers with good solutions. In the field of manufacturing machinery, we have experience of 30 years about manufacturing and R&D teams, from planning and designing P&ID to customized machinery. Each step has the most professional team to plan for you.


30 Years of Tofu Production Line | Food Processing Equipment and Production Line Supply | Yung Soon Lih Food Machine

Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd., since 1989, is a Tofu Production Line manufacturer that is specilized in soy bean, soy milk and Tofu making sectors. Unique Design soy milk and tofu processing machinery built with ISO & CE certifications, sold in 40 countries with solid reputation.

Numerous soybean machine patents obtained, YUNG SOON LIH is a food processing machine provider, their product includes Tofu making machine, soja milk maker, soy milk extracting machine, bean sprout growing machine, Alfalfa growing machine, soybean equipment and Tofu, soy milk turn-key production line and vegan meat machine.

Tofu Production Line

Firm Tofu and Silken Tofu Production Line

Tofu Production Line - Tofu Production Line
Tofu Production Line

Yung Soon Lih dedicated to promote plant-based protein such as tofu, soy milk and other foods qualified safety standards and fully automated tofu equipment in addition to actively develop the application of technology, but also the computer PLC control monitoring into production equipment to help customers achieve production automation management goals.

Yung很快Lih Food Machine是一家交钥匙解决方案提供商,您可以获得:

*High soy protein extraction:

Unique soy bean Double grinding design to increase more 5%~10% soy protein extraction.

*Automatic Quality Control:

Automatic process management can make all process control precisely, make your Tofu Quality stable. Furthermore, it reduces waste, increasing Tofu production output, and save lobar cost.

*Easy business initiation:

Yung Soon Lih Food Machine team provides Tofu production core technology transfer, Know-how of Tofu making to our clients, and assists in developing the recipes of tofu. Everybody can make Tofu.

You can benefit with the following services:
*Design and manufacture Hygiene and Safety process machines.
*Tofu / Soymilk Technical & know-how transfer.
*Establishment of production line in accords with HACCP.
*Assisting customers in development of recipes of tofu and soymilk.

Tofu is one of meat alternative products and the mainstream of this market trend as well. The procedure of plant-based products is simpler than meat-based. Consumers can expect to gain the nutrition and save the environment by meat alternative, on the other hand, suppliers can grab the profit from it.

Professional Solution
(清洗和浸泡Machine〕 - Computer parameters can be set the soaking time, drainage time, temperature sensor and water changing time.
〔Grinding Machine〕- Computer parameters can be set the amount of soybeans, water volume, stable soy milk concentration. The hopper which was designed with the gold cone angle can used to increase the extraction rate of soybean protein. It can be increased the extraction rate of soybean protein by about 5% when using secondary grinder.
〔Boiling Machine〕 (known as Cooking Machine) - Computer parameters can be set the sucking time, injecting time, cooking time.
〔Coagulation Machine 〕- Computer parameters can be set tofu coagulation injection time and dose, grouting and slurry discharge time. 〔Pasteurization Machine〕- Computer parameters can be set individual tank temperature, conveyor belt speed time.

Through this period, we got satisfied reviews from our customers, like low breakdown rate, high durability, high capacity with efficiency, quick response and high quality after service...etc. More importantly, our customers got 15 ~ 20% growth rate every year from YUNG SOON LIH FOOD MACHINE' Tofu Processing Equipment. Also, our customers save 20~30% in maintenance cost compared with our competitors. We dare to say proudly, that the first Tofu Production Line (tofu maker) made from YUNG SOON LIH FOOD MACHINE is still working as usual every day, and has undergone several expansions of production capacity. This is the result of our commitment to manufacturing good quality products and offering dedicated customer services.

Process of Tofu Production Line

Firm Tofu & Silken Tofu Production Line) operating processor flow chart for your reference.

tofu production line be used to make marge scale industrial food factory and can produce a large amount of firm tofu, hard tofu.

Step Process
  1. Feeding Soybean to Dry Beans Tank by worker.
  2. Transferring Soybean from Dry Beans Tank to Soybean Soaking & Washing Machine by Soybean Transferring Machine (Screw Soybean transferring Machine or Vacuum Soybean transferring Machine). It's saving time and labor cost, no need for labor to deliver Soybean.
  3. Soybean Washing and Soaking. Choose our Soybean Soaking & Washing Machine to cost down for labor charge and upgrade quality.
  4. Soybean grinding and separating in Automatic Soybean Grinding & Okara Separating Machine (or Automatic Soybean Twin Grinding & Okara Separating Machine).
  5. Delivering Soybean okara by Okara Transportation Machine.
  6. We offer two type of soy milk cooking machine for our customer to choose, one is General Automatic soy milk Cooking Machine, the other is CE soy milk Cooking Machine (CE Automatic soy milk Cooking Machine).
  7. Coagulating and Curd Breaking by Tofu Coagulating Machine(Automatic Firm Tofu Coagulating Machine), and using conveyor machine to deliver Tofu coagulating bottles to Tofu Filling to Mold Machine. Putting Tofu clothing in Tofu Mold by worker. Then Tofu Filling to Mold automatically, worker wrapping Tofu clothing up and deliver to Tofu Pressing Machine by conveyor machine.
  8. Before Tofu Pressing, using Auto. Stacking Tofu Molds Machine to stack Tofu Molds. And delivering Tofu Molds to Tofu Pressing Machine.
  9. Tofu Pressing by Tofu Pressing Machine, it's easily, time saving and efficiency increasing.
  10. Removing Tofu Mold and Tofu clothing by Tofu Mold Turning Machine.
  11. Tofu Cutting Machine assisting you to cutting easier and saving time.
  12. Before packaging and sealing step, we suggest adopting Cooling Machine (or Cooling Conveyor Machine) reducing temperature of Tofu surface and inside.
  13. Putting Tofu into Tofu Box by manual and using Sealing Machine doing package process.
  14. Putting Tofu into Sterilizing & Cooling Equipment for sterilization to extend expiry date.
  15. Drying box of Tofu by Air Knife Drying Machine.
  16. Putting into refrigerator for storage.

Manufacturing details & test


Tofu Production Line was designed by YSL.

Tofu production line can reduce labor-cost and producing time.

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